3 Things to Do When in Vietnam

Vietnam has new adventures for tourists at every turn. The moment you jet into the country, you will be welcomed by the beautiful beaches, mysterious caves, and growing cities. The country is a perfect blend of the past, present, and the future.

From the ancient golden Imperial Palace in Hue to the fast-growing Ho Chi Ming city, there are much to explore in Vietnam. The residents are very welcoming and will help you at any turn when you lose your way.

Below are the top three things to do while in Vietnam.

i. Visit Hoi An 

Hoi An is an ancient city which is located in Central Vietnam. It’s a must go for any traveler and a favorite among Vietnam locals. The best of Vietnam’s historical sites, shopping, and restaurants are all located here and are beautiful sceneries to explore.

During new year’s eve, the locals usually transform Hoi An with a beautiful kaleidoscope of light and color for the Lantern Festival. This celebration lasts for seven days and turns the road with over a thousand colorful lanterns. The festivals are the best way to interact with locals and know a thing or two of the locals’ history and culture.

ii. Cruise along Halong’s bay 

Halong’s bay is one of the most popular sites in Vietnamese land. There are over 1600 limestone towers which emerge from the water. There are numerous two-way cruises to the site, which is a top tourist destination. In case you have more time in the country opt for a three-day trip to fully exploit and enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries in the site. Though the bay is enormous, tourists flock it sometimes making it crowded.

iii. Visit the Phong Nah caves

While in Vietnam, expect to find beautiful and historical caves. They are not the small everyday caves we know of but rather the biggest caves in the world. For example, the Son Doong cave which was discovered in 1990 and 2009 is the biggest in the world. Its most massive end can accommodate a 747 plane to pass through it.

Vietnam has a myriad of sites and beautiful sceneries which attracts tourists. These stunning sites are everyone’s favorite. Make sure you visit Vietnam today for a grasp of these beautiful sceneries.